The Many Uses of Polo Shirts


First created in the 1920s, polo shirts were made to replace the long-sleeved button-down shirt that tennis players used to wear. Since then, the polo shirt remains in fashion. The universal appeal of the garment is mostly due to its simple yet practical design. The collared, T-shaped shirt features a two- or three- button placket and the optional pocket in front. It was originally designed with short sleeves, but now there are long-sleeved versions available. The exceptional design of the garment keeps it up-to-date despite the every changing trends in fashion.

Fashionistas may give up comfort in the name of style, but most women would choose comfort over fashion. With polo shirts, there’s no need to choose one over the other. She can have both style and comfort in one piece of clothing. Polo shirts are created with knitted fabric, as opposed to woven cloth. This is the reason why a polo shirt is so comfortable to wear. By using piqué cotton, polo shirt guarantees its wearer softness and warmth every time she wears it.

The Versatility of Polo Shirts

Versatility makes the polo shirts really popular, both for men and women. Ladies can wear this at work, while running errands or even when working out. No matter what time of day is, women’s polo shirts can be worn anytime, anywhere.

And speaking of versatility, did you know that polo shirts can be an effective marketing tool as well? Any company can accentuate its presence in the industry by investing in custom-made polo shirts. It can create an impression to anyone, making the company more recognizable.

Polo Shirts For Women

Each year, newly-designed clothes becomes available in the market, but many female consumers still choose to buy polo shirts. No matter how many new fashions arrive from the design houses in the most stylish of cities, polo shirt remains to be a popular purchase for the ladies because it is a classic piece. Like the little black dress, the polo shirt is also a wardrobe staple for women.

Polo Shirts As Marketing Tool

Corporate apparel polo shirts come in different types and styles for different causes and uses. The casual look and the comfort that they often have make them ideal work uniforms for office employees or food servers at fast food outlets. The design and the overall color depend on the type of establishment they are being created for.

For most companies, 100% cotton polo shirts woven by pique knit are highly preferred because the fabric allows the air to pass through, hence it keeps the wearer feels cool. These type of polo shirts are also durable and will last for a long time, which means it limits the amount of money spent on new uniforms.

How To Make Custom Polo Online?